What Alternatives to Vioxx are Available?

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What alternatives to Vioxx are available?

What Alternatives to Vioxx are Available?

An independent healthcare analyst, Herman Shah of HKS & Co. in Warren, New Jersey, notes that Vioxx (and other drugs in the class) have not proven to be the breakthrough cure-all for pain they are advertised to be. In fact, Shah says physicians prefer ibuprofen for pain relief to Vioxx and Celebrex combined.

The cost of the over-the-counter medication is 10 to 15 times less than that of the prescription drugs. Vioxx is one of a class of anti-inflammatory drugs strenuously marketed as being more effective, with fewer side effects than other, older drugs (including such over-the-counter medications as ibuprofen). Do your research before spending more money than is necessary.



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