Vioxx Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fallout of the failure of the FDA's approval policies?

What reforms are being considered to the FDA approval process after the Vioxx affiar?

Where did the FDA fall short in their approval of Vioxx?

What is congress doing in response the the Vioxx affair?

What steps is the FDA taking to impove public awareness of potential drug risks?

What about reports of conflicts of interest among FDA scientists tasked with the approval of new drugs?

What reporms are being suggested to prevent the FDA from approving dangerous drugs?

How should I prepare for a Vioxx lawsuit?

Will it become easier to find a Vioxx lawyer?

What can I recover from a successful Vioxx class action lawsuit?

Should I file an individual or class action Vioxx lawsuit?

What are the pros and cons of a Vioxx class action lawsuit?

What is liability law and how does it work with respect to Vioxx?

What effect do state laws have on Vioxx lawsuits?

Under what circumstances might I be entitled to compensation for damage from Vioxx?

What are the criteria for Vioxx-related side effects that could bring compensation?

How does Vioxx work?

What are the supposed advantages of COX 2 inhibitors like Vioxx?

When was Vioxx first approved by the FDA?

What are we now learning about how drugs like Vioxx are marketed?

How has Merck behaved in disclosing negative results about Vioxx?

How was Merck's sales force instructed to talk to doctors?

What instructions were given to Merck's salespeople for discussing Vioxx with doctors?

Why is Merck facing allegations that it coveredup information about Vioxx side effects?

What was the role of Merck “detailers” in selling Vioxx?

How did Merck first repond to early data regarding fatal side effects of Vioxx?

What changes are being made to recent studies regarding Vioxx side effects?

When did Merck agree to recall Vioxx?

Will Vioxx be coming back on the market?

How has Merck responded to charges of coverup in the case of Vioxx?

Is Merck considering bringing Vioxx back to the market?

Under what circumstances might Vioxx return to the market?

What are the side effects of Vioxx?

What are some of the side effects of Vioxx?

Besides cardiovascular problems, what other sides effects does Vioxx have?

Are there alternatives to Vioxx?

What alternatives to Vioxx are available?

How many people have suffered from the side effects of Vioxx?

How many heart attacks might be attributable to Vioxx?

What role has the FDA approval process played in the Vioxx problems?

How widely has Vioxx been distributed?

When was evidence of cardiovascular side effects of Vioxx first published?

What is the medical literature saying about COX 2 inhibitors?

What legal fallout is anticipated from Vioxx?

How is the legal landscape going to change thanks to Vioxx?

What obstacles might one encounter in filing a Vioxx lawsuit?

How have recent congressional hearings affected potential Vioxx lawsuits?

What information should I be collecting prior to a Vioxx lawsuit?

When does liability law come into effect with Vioxx?

What is the statute of limitations for Vioxx lawsuits?

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